22 Sep, 2020

How Did Kylie Jenner Savagely Build Her Successful Company

Kylie Jenner is in the recent list of the billionaires and how she became successful at a very young stage is an ultimate revelation. As far as her TV carrier is concerned, she worked Keeping up with Kardashians but mainly her bulk of wealth is because of her cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics, which is one of the renowned cosmetic companies in America. 

She took the advantage of modern technology and became what she is today. Her company used the best subscription boxes for products that later on became the highly-targeted products due to which her brand take off and she became successful in building her makeup jurisdiction. 

Kylie started her journey from being an influencer and became one of the richest public figures. Then Kardashians is one of her best success stories. Now, she is running a multi-million cosmetic packaging company in America. Although she has a strong family background, still it took a lot of hard work for her to achieve what she is today. 

How Did She Take an Initiative?

Kylie had the ultimate passion for fashion and makeup from the very beginning. She first started modeling at the age of 14 and earned a huge success. Her love and sincerity for her passion regarding makeup and fashion are the real contributors to her tremendous success. So, it would not be wrong to say that her interest and knowledge lead her to become what she is now!

In 2014, she founded a company with the assistance of her mother and made a partnership with the company Seed Beauty. She first introduced her series of lip kits in 2015 that got a magnificent success in the first place. She used about $250,000 for those lip kits and Seed Beauty made her 15,000 lip kits containing the best beauty boxes. She first founded her brand but did not release products in the first place. When she successfully build up her brand, she used her family’s business to build up partnerships with the contributors.

With time passes, her company’s production expands and made 500,000 personal brand’s lip kits. At the end of the year, the total revenue of the company reached $300 million. Moreover, the company’s name became Kylie Cosmetics.

At that time, the company also faced complaints about stealing. For better results, they changed the packaging of lip kits. At initial, the packaging was easily recognizable due to its high demand and with this, some clients received empty boxes after having their products raided during the shipping process. So, they made some changes and introduced a unique cosmetic packaging box which has a basic black color. Also, they used the strategy of custom printed boxes in which the recognizable pattern was shifted inside the box.

How She Got Wild Success

She got a big success in her lip kits due to which she began to introduce more new products over time. Her products are related to the two main categories:

  • Basic Cosmetics, including eyeliners, eye-shadows, and whole makeup tutorials
  • Theme based products, including Kylie’s Vacation Edition, Birthday Celebrations, Valentine's Collection, and many more.

She did not get this success overnight, a lot of work has done to achieve what she is now. Apart from her passion for makeup, she also had a platform from where she started and gaining ultimate success. The success of Keeping up the Kardashians played an important role that harvested the ways for her. She got a pool of partnerships with producers and distributors who were enthusiastically ready to take off her brand.

She also collaborated with many other celebrities and family members on the collection of her brand’s product. She made a great number of collaborations that led her to become what she is now.

Kylie identified the need for an hour and filled that gap. For this purpose, she introduced highly-targeted products that then expanded and exploited all over the fashion and makeup industries. She targeted the young generation and teenagers with full potential as mostly brands mainly aimed at adults and were not that much appealing to teenagers.

Social Media Was a Backbone For Marketing

She has a large number of following all over the social media platforms. That numerous following played a role of back-stage support in her success. She now has 25 million followers from all over the world. Instagram proved to be a big platform for her and now she has 164 million Instagram followers. She took the advantage of this platform by advertised her brand daily. Other then that, she has over 20 million Facebook and an additional 25 million followers on Twitter. The great number of followers helped her a lot in gaining product research and reviews. 

She is an ultimate influencer as she exhibits her makeup on her own face and makes makeup tutorials. This is beneficial as she does not need any third party for endorsement which saves her a lot of costs. Instagram is the most powerful tool of e-commerce for her. When she is not trying to convince people to buy her make-up products, she is actually trying to attract people to buy her boyfriend's latest album series.

Apart from Instagram, she has a YouTube channel with 7.5 million followers that means her marketing strategies also rely on her YouTube channel. She records makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel with the saying ‘get ready with me’  to make promotions regarding her upcoming launchings. 

Created a Billionaire Makeup Empire

Kylie with her finest cosmetic products and the unique packaging boxes became able to establish her own makeup kingdom. Kylie Cosmetics is one of the multi-millions companies in America and is renowned all over the international platforms. With her true passion and love for fashion, she managed to grab the attention of the young population by releasing updated products over time. Her collaborations with various distributors and celebrities helped her achieving this ultimate position. The marketing she did on Instagram is the backbone of her success. Also, the best beauty boxes she uses to wrap her products help her in promoting her business to the next level.

Author - Isabelle Jorge

Isabelle Jorge is a freelancer, blogger academic writer, and digital marketing expert as well. Isabelle Writes on multiple topics, especially on business Travelling Packaging advertises Company Products.

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