Whoever is voting our site, using our services, purchasing something from our site, placing an order, or doing any activity on the platform will be abiding by the terms and conditions we are offering; this is a very clear agreement between the customer and the company till long we are working together. Also, your information will be used for the betterment of service, but we do not share any kind of personal information with the third party associates. Thespeedypack has the right to change any clause of the terms and conditions without giving any prior notice to its customer; also, you cannot challenge our terms and conditions into any court of justice.

All Rights Are Reserved to Thespeedypack.Com:

First of all, we like to mention here that thespeedypack is a registered trademark, and you cannot use its name, logo, or any other things associated with the reputation of the company for your personal use. Also, the content of the website or designs or styles printed on its products is the sole property of the company. You can only use limited things for our marketing but only produced to the consent of the Thespeedypack. All kinds of data, graphical illustrations, content, and any other thing used or associated with the speedy pack business are under the ownership of the enterprise, and you are not using it without legal consent.

Order And Pricing:

You can place the order online, using email, phone calls, or talking to customer care teams. The order is only placed after the confirmation of your payments or fund deposit into the company account. Thespeedypack has the right to cancel your order without prior notice. The customer cannot cancel the order without paying a certain amount defined as per the price of the order under the name of the service charges fee. The price of the products may rise or fall with the passage of time; the company has a right to increase it as per the rules of the market; you cannot challenge our pricing mechanism in any court of law. The company has the right to offer you a discount, but it is only decided by thespeedypack.

Return/ Refund Policy:

Thespeedypack has a very clear return and refund policy that the order is considered delivered if any problem is not reported in the first 24hour. Because the customer has time to check the whole delivery, and if you report anything missed, torment, broken, miss printed, and not according to your needs in 24 hours, then our board of members checks the credibility of your report and if found eligible for repair or reserve then thespeedypack fix it first priority.

The speedy pack doesn’t have any refund policy; we believe that we deliver you the best and also provide services after delivery as well.


The company accepts feedback on its products, you can fill the feedback forms available on the website, and also, you can directly tell us about the service and its all kinds of ups and downs which you faced while using it.

Guarantee/ Warranty Policy:

Thespeedypack doesn’t offer any kind of guarantee or warranty for any kind of product; if you find that with any kind of product, then you can consider them fake because we only have an exchange or repair policy, we do not offer any refund as well guarantee of the products. You can check, verify, and ensure the quality of the products right inside the company.

Late Delivery:

Thespeedypack is responsible for shipping your all kinds of product to your home doorstep at first priority, but if due to some kind issue, which may be a public holiday, strike, natural and unnatural disastrous shipment may delay, then you need to bear this time delay, and also your shipping charges may increase due to more time consumptions. Thespeedypack tries to ensure the best capsulation of all customer rights. The company itself will not take any reasonability and will not bear the loss of a customer; also, you could not go for any kind of legal action against the company. We clearly define that this will be considered a complete responsibility of the customers.

International Standards:

All kinds of boxes or products are made under the thespeedypack banner always comprising all international standards, the materiel, safety rules, and all other possible laws are followed by the company. But for the company, it possible to meet all the requirements of all the international laws, so it is understood that the company will deliver only quality products.

All causes are highly Emphasized:

All of the people who are willing to ride with us should read all kinds of terms and conditions first, and then they should place an order. All of the clauses of the terms and conditions are highly emphasized, and you cannot deny it any cost. Also, thespeedypack has a right to change or discard any point from the terms and conditions at any stage of time. Also, you cannot use it as a legal document and could not challenge it. If you are doing business with us, you are abiding by all rules and regulations. You have to pay for all kinds of national and international taxes, and you are not allowed to be part of any illegal activity.

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