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Packaging is the demand of the market, and when it comes to tobacco products, they must need elegant packaging. The tobacco product is in need of a specific sort of packaging with extravagant demands, which cannot be fulfilled easily. And when it comes to cigar packaging, it becomes more narrow and difficult in terms of designs, shapes, and colors. In the past, the cigar was packed inside boxes made with bamboo sticks or boxes made with iron or wood carved with beautiful designs. The cigar was considered the most luxurious item in the world. 

Only kings or specific people have access to this luxurious item which was not that common among the generation. But later its own commercial production makes it accessible for anyone, and competition raises among the companies who are making it.

They compare ties on the basis of who is going to pack the cigar in a more authentic, modern, and classy way like it was packed at the time of kings. The packaging and outer look become more important to attracting the maximum share; also, the delicate nature of cigars demands safer from the hemp and dump and protection from humidity to keep the taste intact as it is at the time of making. 

Attractive Packaging For Cigars: How Did The Speedy Pack Solve It?

  • Our company is another name for innovation and creativity, so we used our own ideas and changed the concept of cigar packaging.
  • We introduced the concept of custom packaging boxes, which allows customers to choose designs, shapes, and colors, that better suit their products. 
  • The customization concept helps a lot attain the desired packaging of clients because a business owner knows better what is the demand of the market. 
  • Then we introduce high-tech printing machines, which can print high resolution in a very limited time. 
  • We induced the concept of using cardboard boxes for cigar packaging. These boxes are cheaper to make with low maintenance costs, even reuse and recyclable. 
  • We bring the revolution in cigar packaging by providing advanced and different shapes of boxes for packaging. 
  • Your custom size and shape can only exactly duplicate here at the speedy pack. 
  • You are going to get every facility for the market under one roof with a single phone call, so you don't need to run here and there to find the best boxes for your products. 

What Kind Of Packaging Solutions Are Offered By The Speedy Pack?

We offer a number of types of boxes which are named below. 

Display Boxes

The display boxes are made with transparent windows to bring live interaction with the products so customers can feel attracted and urged to buy the product. 

Shipping Boxes

We are offering shipping boxes specially made as per the delicate nature of cigars with corrugated double-layer material. You can ask us to increase the layers to increase the pressure. 

Cardboard Containers 

We are making a lot of shapes of cigar packaging using cardboard material, which can be used to pack with safety and give elegant looks. 

Customized Boxes

You can get customized cigarette boxes or cigar packaging at a low rate offered by the speedy pack. We can customize the size, shape, colors, and designs of the boxes as per the demand, need, and customer requirements. You will get the best custom-size boxes in the market only made by the speedy pack. 

Do You Want To Place An Order? Here Is The Way 

If you are looking for quality cigar packaging, then you should drop us an email at, and our team will handle your needs. We are offering free of cost shipping and free designs support with very discounted rates for material and other features offered by the speedy pack. You will be guided about the discount program for special events as well as about the premium products which we only offer specific clients. You can place your order in bulk; the speedy pack has the ability to deliver the bulk order within your defined deadlines.

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