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There exists a huge business community in today’s world. The same is the case with the manufacturing industry that is producing a large number of mini and larger products. Most of these products can not be shipped without proper packaging boxes due to their sensitivity. To overcome this challenge, the packaging industry has come into action in the last few years. Different types of packaging containers have been introduced to the market to encase manufactured items on a large scale.

The packaging boxes are available in different dimensions to fulfill the needs of every single customer. A wide range of materials are available in the market including cardboard, plastic, corrugated, chipboard, kraft paper, poly, and foil sealed containers. This guide is specifically associated with the manufacturing of packaging boxes using kraft paper. TheSpeedyPack is a top-notch packaging services provider and is serving millions of customers in many parts of the world.

What Type of Kraft Boxes Do We Prepare?

We have the capabilities and resources to manufacture any kind of kraft boxes for your brand. Some of our top-selling items are given below.

Kraft Candle Boxes

One of the beautiful items TheSpeedyPack produces are the candle boxes and it contributes to increasing our revenues to a great extent.

Kraft Food Boxes

The food industry is growing day by day and as you know food items are very sensitive to minor damages and this is why we need to protect them very well. Our food boxes provide legit protection to all such products.

Kraft Soap Boxes

Soaps are an important part of the beauty industry and their demand has been increasing every day. We prepare high-quality and creative soap product boxes to facilitate our buyers.

Kraft Shipping Boxes

To ensure the great safety of your products during the whole shipping journey, our kraft shipping boxes are the ultimate solution to the challenges you face regarding products’ protection.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes

The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest manufacturing industries operating in the international market for a long time. We provide premium-quality jewelry boxes and eye-catchy cosmetic boxes to a large number of buyers.

Brown Kraft Boxes

Our brown kraft paper boxes are famous for their high elasticity, reliability, and durability and we make them using chemical pulp. It is the most suitable material being used by many people these days.

Apart from the above-mentioned packaging boxes, some more promising boxes we manufacture are:

  • Kraft Gift Boxes
  • Kraft Window Boxes
  • Kraft Mailer Boxes
  • Kraft Gable Boxes

What Is So Special About Our Kraft Boxes?

We have chosen kraft paper as one of our top packaging materials due to a couple of factors as listed below.


Our kraft boxes are 100% recyclable and you can use them for other purposes after using them for the first time. They take part in keeping our surroundings safe from pollution.


We love to protect our environment at any cost and this is why we have selected kraft paper as an eco-friendly raw material. Kraft paper is made with wood and does not harm the environment.


Durability is our topmost priority whenever we produce something. Our kraft containers are long-lasting and serve you actually in a way they are supposed to do.

Print-Friendly Material

Kraft paper comes with an excellent surface that supports printing materials to perform well. We use high-quality printing to manufacture printed kraft boxes. Our tobacco boxes and retail boxes are great examples of customized printed packaging containers.


Affordability is a factor that every one of us considers while doing shopping. We have seriously considered this parameter to facilitate our buyers while preparing custom kraft boxes.

Get Benefit From Our Wholesale Program

Are you worried about purchasing packaging containers again and again? Do you want to get rid of additional transportation costs? You can buy our kraft boxes wholesale at extremely affordable prices.

A great advantage of buying our wholesale kraft boxes is you get stock in bulk for a couple of months and amazingly you do not need to pay transportation costs every time you make a purchase. These features have made our custom boxes wholesale popular among many business owners.

How Can You Place Your Order?

Many people get confused about where to buy kraft box packaging whenever they want to support their business. If you are having the same concern, TheSpeedyPack is a great platform for you to make purchases.

If you want to buy our top-quality products including small kraft boxes and black kraft boxes, you can either contact us through our official website or an email [email protected]. Our dedicated staff responds actively to your queries and facilitates you the best possible way they can.

Why TheSpeedyPack?

A couple of factors that speak on our behalf are:

  • Premium quality raw material
  • Highly-trained technical staff
  • Professionals with more than 10 years of relevant exposure
  • Excellent customer support services
  • On-time delivery
  • Fast turnaround
  • No hidden charges

Final Words

No manufacturing business can think of becoming successful without proper packaging. If you are producing items that are not so heavy, try using our kraft boxes. They are never going to disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is your preferred printing and coating method?

Answer: We use PMS and CMYK printing techniques along with gloss and matte coating.

Question: How do you deliver my order?

Answer: Our concerned department always tries its best to deliver your orders as quickly as possible once the payment gets cleared. The average shipment time is 6 to 8 business days and we deliver your parcels using FLAT via courier.

Question: Can I get a custom quote?

Answer: Yes, of course. We allow you to get a custom quote. You need to provide us with the dimensions of your packaging boxes, name, contact number, and email. Our staff will get back to you with a proper quote.

Question: Can I provide my own design for printing?

Answer: Yes, you can provide us with your own design. We will surely use it for printing purposes. If you need our assistance in this regard, we will surely act as your partner.

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