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In today’s time, not many industries can brag about making one of the biggest industries in the world in just over a decade, but the vape industry has every right to flaunt it. The concept of vaping was first made in the mid-19th century, and many Chinese versions were sold in the early 2000s, but it became a real thing around 2006 when it hit the European and the US market.

This industry is one of the world's fastest industries. This also opened gates for multiple niches in this industry, like vape cartridges. The main reason for this enormous success is that the studies proved vapes to be 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but that is a topic for another day. Today we will tell you why TheSpeedyPack is the best option you can get in the market for vape cartridge packaging.

We Listen To Your Customization Ideas 

The primary purpose of any product packaging in the world is to keep the product safe, and the same goes for vape cartridge packaging. But in today’s fierce market, having sturdy packaging isn’t enough to win over customers, and you need vape cartridge boxes that look beautiful and attract customers. 
Here at TheSpeedyPack, we know the importance of custom printed vape cartridge packaging, and we take this part seriously because we want our clients to have packaging that can win over customers’ hearts in a flash. We have a complete team of designing experts that will love to work with you and help you bring vape cartridge boxes back to life. We also hand over the customization wheel to you, and you get to make the smallest of decisions, whether it be the box style, color, material, or details on the packaging.

We Have Extensive Experience 

The packaging company has never seen this much success because a few decades back, product packaging was treated as a mere carrier for the product, and because the industry is revolutionizing, new packaging companies are entering the market every day. But we aren’t your average packaging company. Our team has the perfect recipe for young blood and experience, and you will be able to see that in our packaging.

Wide Range Of Box Designs 

The whole customization process is about coming up with a packaging that makes your product appear unique in the market and sets your product a class apart. Customization isn’t only about the color, design, and branding of the packaging; it also includes the shape of the box. Most companies out there don’t offer something like that because they stick to the old traditional boxes. 
Those styles can work, but they won’t make your product look unique, and in a fierce market like vape cartridge, you have to think ahead of time so that you can keep on growing. At our company, we don’t limit you to certain designs, and we will be delighted to implement the box style that you may have in your mind. We offer every box style that you can think of, whether it be cart packaging, gable boxes, pillow boxes, flip-top boxes, pillow boxes, etc.

An Array Of Packaging Materials 

Using those old-fashioned and boring brown boxes in this fierce market can surely protect the product from any damage because the packaging material of those boxes is strong. But, this material will also protect the product from the customer’s eyes, and you will not be able to reach those amazing heights. There are many brands out there in this market that are using the same brown boxes for their vape cartridges with minimal customization, but they are racking up the sales; why? 

The quality of the packaging. Your customization won’t matter to customers even if you spend months on it if you are using low-quality material for cartridge packaging. At this packaging company, we always prefer quality over quantity, and this is what our company is based on. You won’t see any low-quality packaging material when you choose us, and even the cheapest packaging material is of the highest quality.

No Minimum Order 

Unlike some top packaging companies, we don’t pressure you to buy a certain amount of product packaging because we know that sometimes brands are tight on budget or they might want to test something new in this huge market. You can buy a hundred boxes of vapes or a thousand cardboard boxes; that won’t matter to us.

We Are Eco-Friendly 

Everyone is aware of the environmental health issue, and if you don’t, then you might have been living in another world. We aren’t a company that folds its hands on this issue and say we weren’t the ones who caused it because we believe that somehow, everyone has played a part in making this such a big challenge. 

We are trying our level best to set an example for other companies to follow so that we can end up making the world a better place to live; how do we do that? Everything that is being used for the manufacturing of the product packaging in our factory is eco-friendly, whether it be the energy being used, material, or ink used for printing purposes. We do everything by keeping environmental health in perspective, and everything comes after that. The best part about using eco-friendly display boxes and CBD oil packaging is that they can be recycled and will decompose after they have served their purpose.

We Are Affordable 

Last but not least, we offer the best prices in the market for disposable vape packaging, CBD packaging, and all the other product packaging. As a business, we know that every business owner tries to limit their expenses and use that money to reinvest in the company or raise the profit margins. We understand it, and this is why we are known for having one of the best prices in the market. The prices can scoot even lower because we also deal in wholesale vape cartridge boxes.
For further information, you can visit our website or get in touch with our team for more information about prices and the variety of premade designs! 


Are There Boxes Available in Stock for Ordering?
No, we make all the orders on-demand as we want to capture our customers’ desires and turn them into top-notch packaging. 

Can You Create the Box Package for Me?
Yes, you are always welcome to create and customize the desired box package design that matches your product design. 

Can You Help Me Make a New Design of The Box for The Products?
Yes, our team is always available to customize the box design for you. 

Do You Have Paper Box Packaging in Stock for My Vape Products?
Yes, we have the paper box packaging available, which can be customized for all your vape products. 

Is There a Child-Proof Certificate Available?
Yes, our packaging is child-proof, promising the ultimate security of your kids. 

Have You Acquired the Required Certifications?
Yes, we have acquired all the necessary patents and certifications. 

Are Your Boxes Eco-Friendly?
Yes, all your boxes are made from eco-friendly materials. In addition, we source our packaging’s raw material from ethical suppliers. 

Is The Packaging Designed with Food-Grade Material?
Yes, our packaging is food-grade material as we wanted to create environment-friendly designs. 

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