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The candle business is one of the most trending yet very convenient businesses. Making a variety of scented candles is an easy task as the raw material for its production is fortunately available everywhere. Apart from being very easy to produce, candle boxes are also very popular which explains why the business keeps growing.

According to verified market research “The candle industry was valued at $3.54 billion and was projected to grow to $6.64 billion by 2027”. Candles are surprisingly one of the most bought products across the world. They are used by people usually on birthdays, religious ceremonies, funerals, and even for decoration purposes. Such a fragile product needs beautiful and safe packaging which The Speedy Pack is willing to provide.

Our custom printed candle boxes and custom candle packaging is sure to help you represent your brand and the product and make it stand out amongst the crowd.

We offer a large variety of candle packaging boxes that can guarantee safety and security for your product. The material, designs, and styles we offer are uniquely aesthetic and have a reasonable cost.

Types of Candle Boxes We Manufacture

The quality of a candle box depends mostly on the type of material it is made of, the design, and the style. There are several different materials used to make proper candle packaging containers including kraft paper and cardboard. We can assure you that the material we supply is perfect in all aspects. It is also extremely durable and tough enough to stay well-built under damaging circumstances.

Our kraft boxes are purely organic and they comprise 100% pure oak wood making them very environmentally friendly.  We also offer cardboard boxes of numerous sizes and thicknesses, depending on our customers’ needs or requests. The thickness of corrugated cardboard serves the purpose of protection. Selling your product internationally can pose a risk to its packaging when delivered in bulk. Under the weight of other boxes and goods, the packaging seems to get corrupted. This is exactly why our thick cardboard is perfect for candle shipping boxes.

The width of a cardboard candle pack can range from up to 1 1mm to 10 mm. The most common shipping box is the ‘A’ flute, which is 3/16" (4.8mm) thick. So don’t worry! You can buy many different sizes from us. Our kraft paper boxes come in many sizes too. You can select the length, height, and width with candle labels and packaging preferred when choosing the box design.

Get Benefit from Our Wholesale Program

TheSpeedyPack offers premium-quality candle boxes wholesale that provide you an opportunity to buy in bulk and minimize the unnecessary expenses required for transportation if you place your order again and again to buy a limited stock. Our Custom candle boxes wholesale helps in boosting your sales in the long run.

Suitable Design for a Perfect Candle Box

Being a leading candle boxes manufacturers, TheSpeedyPack offers a multitude of interesting box designs for beautiful candle packaging. If you explore our website, you will find sample images of the styles you can choose. We give complete freedom to our customers when it comes to choosing a design. Our reliable staff and resources help you choose whatever style you like. Some of our artistic designs are as follows:

Window boxes

Our window boxes, made up of your selected material are very attractive. If your product is very pleasing, no need to hide in fully covering opaque packets. Use our window boxes to show off the art you put in your gorgeous candles.

What our window boxes do is they let your customers look at the product and get an insight into what they are buying. When this direct product-customer interaction occurs, a customer is more likely to buy your candle over another one that’s entirely covered.

We offer plastic/transparent windows as well which reduces the product’s contact with the outer environment protecting it from damage due to shipping, high temperatures, and breakage due to fall while letting people see your candle through the transparent PET plastic. Window boxes thus are perfect gift boxes as well.

Sleeve boxes

We offer sleeve boxes that can wrap perfectly around your product, adding more protection and customization to your packaging. To ensure that the sleeve packaging is perfect, we make the sleeve enough to slide over the product easily and it should also have friction to stay in place. This is how we make our sleeve boxes. They are very unique and make the product look chic.

Why Buy From The Speedy Pack?

We ensure the quality of service and product. We do not charge our customers for the delivery of products. The delivery is completely free. If you want your products as soon as possible, you can place a rush order shortening the time to 4 to 6 business days.

On top of this, you do not have to pay for the die-cutting of the die cut boxes. The die-cut boxes are all about how you can cut into pieces and how you are going to assemble them, We cut these boxes into easy to assemble pieces.

We do not offer any hidden charges for the services we provide and we offer a competitive pricing facility on buying any product including custom printed boxes. When deciding to print a box you can provide us your artwork, we inspect it first, if it is fine for printing, we do it but if there is something wrong with that, we either fix it or approach you for further discussion. 

Final words

TheSpeedyPack ensures good quality and provides freedom in terms of choosing the product designs and material. Overall we have various designs and materials for packaging all kinds of products whether they are scented, large, small, or plain candles.

If you are a new candle company, we will be your helping hand for sure. Our customer service is very friendly and helpful. The staff is sure to help you out in any case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can candles melt during delivery?

Answer: No, we pack candles carefully and put the fragile sticker on shipping boxes so that they reach their destination in perfect shape and condition.

Question: I have got some specific requirements. Can I place an order?

Answer: Yes, of course. You can approach us with your requirements, we do offer custom quotes.

Question: I need some boxes on an urgent basis. Can you do that?

Answer: Yes, we facilitate you through our “rush order” facility in such scenarios.

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