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If we directly jump into the manufacturing industry, we will get to know the production of items is increasing every day. The reason behind this factor is the demand for such products is also increasing in parallel. The increasing manufacturing of items is proportional to the increase in the need for packaging tools at the same time. Every product category comes with a different size, style, and shape, therefore, you need to have different kinds of packaging boxes to fulfill these requirements.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of packing materials that are available in the market including kraft paper, rigid, plastic, glass, metal, aluminum, steel, wood, and many others. Apart from these materials, cardboard is another great tool to pack your items. This guide is particularly concerned with the specialties of cardboard packaging boxes.

TheSpeedyPack is a leading and reputable custom cardboard packaging manufacturer operating for a long time in the international packaging market. We have successfully launched the packaging business and made it lead today’s market. Let’s have a look at it in detail.

Why We Use Cardboard Boxes for Packaging?

Cardboard, without any doubt, is the most frequently used packaging material and many suppliers around the globe prefer using this material to packaged their manufactured items. The reason why we have chosen custom packaging for small businesses and a large setup lies in two different factors as given below.

Eco-Friendly Nature

Cardboard is made up of natural wood and this is why it is used to manufacture eco friendly boxes. This nature helps them protect the environment as much as they can because they are free from producing any kind of pollution.


The second factor that makes us select cardboard boxes is their recyclable nature. We manufacture top-notch custom printed recycled cardboard boxes that can be used for other purposes later on.

What Types of Cardboard Boxes Can You Buy?

We have different types of cardboard packaging boxes as given below.

  • Small Cardboard Boxes

  • White Cardboard Boxes

  • Retail Cardboard Boxes

  • Cardboard Window Boxes

  • Custom Printed Cardboard Cosmetic Boxes

How Our Cardboard Boxes Contribute to Your Business Success?

We use cardboard for packaging in a creative way to spread your brand’s awareness everywhere in society. This approach is quite helpful to promote your business. A couple of promising factors that contribute to take your business to a next level are:

Product Protection

The very first role associated with packaging cardboard boxes is to give your products ultimate protection. This is why a huge number of suppliers and manufacturers prefer to use cardboard boxes for shipping to ensure good protection. These custom cardboard packaging boxes are the perfect tool to safely deliver your items to your doorstep.

Consumer’s Protection

You would possibly be thinking that how can custom packaging containers protect buyers. Well, the answer to this question is we print product-related information like how to use and when to use a particular product that allows the customers to act accordingly.

Promote Your Products

TheSpeedyPack suggests and prints some information on the cardboard inserts for packaging that shows how your products are different from others and why should a person buy from your store. Our pillow boxes and favor boxes have been proved very effective in promoting your relevant items.

Promote Your Name

We help you promote your brand name using custom cardboard boxes with logo. These custom boxes with logo help your buyers remember your brand for a long time and help them recognize your products quickly.

Boost Sales

The use of custom boxes with logo is an excellent way to attract your buyers and once they get attracted, they will do mouth publicity to spread brand awareness. This way, we help you boost your sales and generate larger revenues in a shorter period.

Why Choose Us?

Being a printed cardboard boxes manufacturer, there are certain factors (as listed below) that create the major difference between us and other competitors.

  • We manufacture custom printed boxes no minimum with top-quality raw materials

  • You are free to choose any design or dimensions for your custom printed cardboard boxes

  • Our platform provides you with electronic proofs and we also offer hardcopy proofs on demand

  • You will get on-time delivery for all the orders

  • We don’t have anything like hidden charges

  • TheSpeedyPack does charge for design

  • You get excellent customer support that tries to respond to all your queries within 24 hours

  • We love building long-term work relationships with our clients

5 Easy Steps to Order Your Custom Box

Are you worried about how to order your cardboard product packaging boxes? We have a very simple and easy-to-follow process that can be used to order DIY cardboard boxes for your business. These steps are as follows.

  • Step 1: Select dimensions (height, width, and depth) and choose the appropriate unit (inch, cm, mm)

  • Step 2: Choose the color selection as per your needs

    • 1 color, 2 color, 3 color, or 4 color

    • Full color

    • Both side printing

  • Step 3: Provide the number of product boxes you need to meet your requirements

  • Step 4: Provide your personal information (name, contact number, and email) so that our staff can contact you back

  • Step 5: Choose from additional options for printing and coating your custom cardboard boxes as listed below

    • Gloss lamination

    • Matte lamination

    • Foiling

    • Full UV coating

    • Spot UV coating

    • Embossing

    • Window patching

Final Words

We came across many buyers who get confused and keep on asking everyone where to buy cardboard boxes? TheSpeedyPack is your reliable and trusted packaging partner that goes the extra mile to serve the best possible way it can. We will surely value the investment you made in our store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I select you as my packaging partner?

Answer: We listen to your concerns in detail and keep you posted about every milestone we achieve for you. Moreover, we follow internal packaging standards thereby keeping the prices low.

Question: Do you support international shipping?

Answer: We are based in the US and we only ship within this country.

Question: How much do you charge to ship my order?

Answer: We provide you with 100% free shipping across the United States.

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