28 Jul, 2021

Which Materials Make Candle Boxes More Reliable

Packaging has become one of the most important factors that affect the overall sales of a product. These days almost all customers tend to be art-savvy. In a situation where they have to choose a product with different packaging and yet no difference in cost, people will more likely choose whatever design appeals to their eyes. This is why businesses, nowadays, look forward to buying high-grade custom packaging from reliable suppliers.

The candle business especially requires aesthetically pleasing and protective boxes which The Speedy Pack can provide for sure. We have candle boxes for sale. You can package your candles professionally with our custom-designed luxury printed candle boxes.

What Makes Our Candle Boxes So Special?

Our candle packaging boxes are preferred by many businesses because we understand that limiting customers with a small number of options can suffocate their creativity. Companies and their designers want to feel free to go for any kind of idea at a fairly reasonable price. This is why we let our customers choose from a wide variety of quality candle boxes designs and numerous sturdy materials.

What Kind of Material Is Used in Candle Boxes?

We can assure you that the material we supply is perfect in all aspects. It is also extremely durable and tough enough to stay well-built under damaging circumstances. To help you choose between the different types of materials, let us extract the benefits and disadvantages of each one to check which material suits your needs more.

Kraft Paper

Want to give an organic and environment-friendly touch to your product? Kraft boxes are the best things because they are made up of kraft paper which is manufactured from 100% pure oak wood. Thus, it is decomposable, recyclable, and most commonly used by food, soap, cosmetic, and candle companies. We manufacture Kraft candle boxes with windows as they are high in demand.

Corrugated Fiberboard

Its thick corrugated layering is almost damage-free. Your candles can survive long distances without breaking or getting crushed under a heavy load. Our triple wall corrugated cardboard is one of its kind. It is made by joining together four sheets of the carton which makes it the strongest. We use this type of cardboard to ensure the protection of your delicate products and it is best suited for international shipments. We make really good small candle shipping boxes as well. You can lessen the durability depending on the amount and type of layering.


You must surely be familiar with paperboard. It is also commonly called a “carton”. There are no major differences between regular paper and paperboard except that paperboard is generally considered thicker than normal paper. It often comes in a plain, dusty-brown color but black candle boxes are also available plus our company lets you choose several vivid colors for this kind of packing material. We create 5×5×5 candle boxes heavy with this material to ensure that the product inside is safe completely.

Mat Board

Matboard is the rigid paper used for photos. It is thick enough to prevent leakages yet not as strong as the above-mentioned stuff. Our Candle favor boxes are usually customized with this material because it is often used for gifts and for keepsakes.

Styles and Designing of Our Company's Manufactured Candle Boxes

These materials are accompanied by special styles for candle boxes which include:

Window Boxes

Some of our boxes have windows. Windows let your customer see through and get a glimpse of the beautiful candles inside. Small candle boxes are ordered for this type of packaging. You can get custom candle boxes wholesale to boost your sales in long term by ordering these types of cartons.


The two-piece can have two separate parts, the detached lid, and the holder. Bulk candle boxes are in demand for this two-piece packaging as it gives an ethereal look to your candle. We can also provide you custom printed candle boxes wholesale depending on your preference.

Prism Shaped Box

This unique design is good for long vertically placed candles that can either be slim or thick enough to fit. You can order candle packaging boxes from us at reasonable prices as we provide the best rates in town.

Straight Tuck End

Like a box of cigarettes, the top/bottom can be tucked which makes it user-friendly.

Seal-End Bottom

As the name suggests, the bottom is sealed and only the top opens. It is very protective and prevents the product from falling from down below. The demand for candle shipping boxes is increasing on a daily basis because you can order wholesale candle boxes in bulk and we are able to provide you such boxes in vast quantities plus at reasonable rates.


Suitable for a collective candle bunch i.e., small sticks, for religious events, or any other use. We have a large customer demand of luxury candle boxes wholesale USA by our clients who consider The Speedy Pack for their packaging solutions.

The Process of Ordering From Us

From the above discussion, hopefully, you are now familiar with what are candle boxes used for.  For ordering from The Speedy Pack, once you have selected the best-suited materials and designs, you can send us the layouts and color schemes of the packaging including the front, back, sides, and bottom face patterns and styles. Then, you can select additional options like:

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • Window Patching
  • Embossing
  • Spot UV Coating
  • Full UV Coating Foiling

You can either complete the process online or perhaps visit our office to have a face-to-face discussion. You can also contact our customer service center and our helpline service is available 24/7. We at TheSpeedyPack, always value our customers and we keep a check and balance on our policies and keep upgrading them. We try to get feedback from our clients so that we can improve our services. We also try to provide you with the best services and try not to left any stone unturned. You can contact us anytime and we will always be available for you.

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