29 Jun, 2022

What You Should Know About Vape Cartridge Boxes

Vaping is a modern and safest way of smoking that has greatly replaced traditional smoking. Its dense smoke makes it cool and modish and therefore it attracts young people in particular. Also, it is easily accessible as various beholders are providing different vape devices. For their safety, you must have a protective solution i.e vape cartridge boxes.

For vape cartridge packaging, cardboard and kraft stocks are generally used. You may also use rigid boxes if you want to add a luxurious touch. To get the most out of vape packaging, you must ensure that you are getting the right solution. For this purpose, hiring a professional builder is very advantageous.


Various packaging materials are available for vape packaging in which cardboard, kraft, chipboard, and paperboard materials are the most suitable. The reason lies in the fact that these materials are cost-effective and you can get the packaging boxes at suitable prices. As a sincere packaging company, we offer you highly cost-effective vape packaging

You can get all the packaging features done from one place due to which your money, as well as time, will be saved. You will not have to go to different places to get each job done for your custom packaging. Besides, wholesale packaging is another perk that provides you ultimate convenience. It requires upfront investment but is worth it and it bestows you with long-term ease.

Robust And Durable

Vape devices typically consist of three elements i.e heating element, control unit, and e-juice. To provide these elements a safe encasement, vape packaging made of cardstock is very beneficial. These boxes are strong and carry vape devices easily. With the use of protective inserts, the vape items will remain more protective.

Vape pens have a long lifespan due to which they need a sturdy encasement. In this respect, cardboard and kraft boxes work as a consistent keeper. They keep your vape items safe for a long duration. Subsequently, you will be giving convenience to the customers. In this way, you will get a solution to improve the customer experience.

Versatile Designs

For a personalized solution, different packaging designs are available. You can get a certain design that can seamlessly entice your customers. Cardboard material is flexible and therefore can give you a wide variety of packaging designs. These designs may include:

You can easily get whatever type you find interesting. Also, the unique box design can help you stand out from the market competition. The right design along with understandable layouts held the sight of the audience and create an authentic as well as professional impression.

Highly Customized

To gain more recognition, cardboard boxes provide you with an evenly customized solution. You can use all the custom features of your choice. For instance, you can get different size boxes at TheSpeedyPack. The right size encasement helps you to keep the vape pen intact. Also, it saves your material cost per box. You may also use different inserts to make partitions in the box so that each element of the vape device can be placed in its respective slot.

Besides, you can have various printing techniques such as digital printing, screen printing, lithography, and flexography. By comparing their features, you can easily choose a desirable printing method. If you have a margin in your budget, various printing options are available that can give your product a high-end impression. For example, you can use embossing to give the printing details a 3D or haptic view print. Other printing details are also available such as debossing and foiling.

Effective For Branding

Custom packaging gives you an excellent solution for branding. You can market your brand in the best possible ways by using these boxes. Not only the design, but every packaging feature speak greatly about your brand values. With the help of custom packaging, you can talk about your product's elements such as you can print details including the flavor of e-liquid, usage, net weight, and manufacturing site. In this way, you will be facilitating the customers to get the right vape item.

Vape packaging also helps you to create brand awareness. Not only this, but it also assists you to make people remember your brand for a long time. You can effectively tell customers your brand story with the help of your brand name, logo design, and slogans printed on these boxes. Also, the unique graphical prints make your product even more enchanting giving an everlasting unboxing experience.


If you are an environmentally conscious brand, cardboard packaging is a remarkable option for your vape items. In this era, more than half of the people consider the environmental factor of the product while buying it. Therefore, offering vape pens in ecological boxes helps you to improve your sales rate. Cardboard boxes are highly environment-friendly as less energy is used in their manufacturing and no harmful substances are discharged during the manufacturing process.

These boxes are highly biodegradable and provide no harm to environmental integrity. Besides, you can surely reuse old stock boxes once you recycled them. The organic fibers present in cardboard material help greatly in recycling and subsequently provide you with the edge of reusing the boxes effectively.

Wrapping Up

People have largely shifted to vaping especially young people. The demand has risen today due to which market rivalry has also gotten extreme. In such circumstances, you need a professional packaging solution that you can easily get from us at TheSpeedyPack. We ensure to provide you with a cost-effective solution along with all the necessary custom features.

You can get these boxes in different designs and sizes. For each aspect of packaging, you get flexible choices out of which you can pick up the suitable ones such as printing methods, graphics, finishing, etc. The custom solution is also a great marketing tool. Last but not the least, you can make your brand highly responsible by using ecological packaging boxes.

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