26 Jul, 2021

What Makes Window Boxes an Effective Brading Tool

Packaging has become more important at this point in time, especially since businesses have started to consider packaging as important as the product itself. Consumers these days are product conscious and want to have a peek inside the products that they’re buying and hence, various modes of packaging have been adopted towards different kinds of products to give some of the feels of the product. 

For products that are perishable, edible, or consumable, food presentation within the packaging becomes important as well, which is where window boxes come in place. So what are window boxes? Essentially, boxes with windows are called window boxes. The boxes may be made out of any material used for packaging, but the choices also need cost and weight considerations. This means that window boxes can be made out of any rigid or lightweight material such as wood or plastic, but then the problem extends to the weight of the packaging and the cost of the packaging itself.

Why Our Window Boxes?

Window boxes at The Speedy Pack, are an ideal choice for different types of customers because of the number of choices we give to the users or packers while planning. For example, depending upon the brand image and the overall look of the brand, our black window boxes can be opted as a color choice, but not limited to black obviously.

Types of Window Boxes We Provide

For products that do not require rigidity, kraft window boxes can be provided so that the cost of the product goes down. We are specialized in preparing kraft boxes with window. Furthermore, decorative window boxes, custom window boxes, small window boxes, window gift boxes, and boxes with more than one window all become feasible options depending on the product under consideration, just that the product under consideration should be small and consumer-focused, not business focused at the end.

What Makes Our Window Boxes Special?

Our window boxes are an ideal choice for products that need to be displayed but the freshness of the product also needs to be retained, which is why The Speedy Pack offers its customers excellent packaging choices, providing with one of the best window boxes for food packaging applications, FMCG goods and other types of products packed in smaller sizes.

Boxes on Sale

At The Speedy Pack, we offer clients many types of window boxes for sale so that the maximum number of clients could be catered to.

Real-Life Applications

In order to better explain the types of window boxes with their applications, we have jotted down some important points for prospective procurers and businesses to consider:


For bakeries, the way products are sold is as important as the taste and the quality of the product itself. Therefore, at The Speedy Pack, we provide excellent options for bakeries to consider, especially when it comes to packaging different types of baked products sold over the counter.

For products that are relatively dry and require visibility and also for products that are relatively big and creamy, such as cakes, we are willing to provide cookie boxes with window, window cake boxes and bakery boxes with window so that as many types of bakery products can be handled as possible, this covers mostly all products from bread to pastries to cakes.

Window boxes for businesses such as the bakery can also be conditioned according to the season of the festival, such as the possibility of decorating window boxes for Christmas. 

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The possibility of packing goods into a window box is not limited to food packaging or perishable item packaging and it can be applied to products that are sold over the counter in stores and in batches, such as soaps, toys, infotainment material, and gadgets, all with a different type of windows depending upon the product. This is especially the case with toys, where you might have seen a toy packed with a small hole in the packing that not only improves the presentation of the product but also encourages the user to try the product out.

Soap boxes with windows still aren’t as famous as toy boxes, but regardless of that, we are the only ones who are manufacturers of such boxes plus trend is picking up pace in some international markets where soap companies offer their prospective buyers a window so that they can touch the soap, feel the texture and sense the fragrance, all adding value to the product itself.

For gadgets and technical accessories such as headphones, keyboards, and mouse, custom window boxes go a long way back. Almost all the renowned companies that produce similar products have at least one product that makes use of window box packaging efficiently. There might be differences in how the facility of window boxes is utilized by companies, but principally, on the first layer of packaging or the second, they make efficient use of this packaging mode. 

We at The Speedy Pack, are ever ready to provide our customers with flexible options when it comes to the best window boxes packaging, be it for perishable or consumable food items, or for products that do not fall in the category. To think of it, window gift boxes can be used for all kinds of products where it suits it, with much more room available for creativity.

If you are not sure as to how your product can make good use of such a form, please let us be your guide in determining how kraft window boxes might be the best choice for your product, with more details on the material of those boxes is and how window boxes design can enhance the overall value of the product by adding a better look and visibility of the actual product. The possibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Packing more than one kind of product inside a single-window box.
  • Packing multiple units of the same product inside a window box.
  • Utilizing window boxes for products made out of nonreactive and nonhazardous materials.
  • Utilizing window boxes made out of kraft paper, cardboard, or polymer sheets.

For inquiries, just send your request and our customer service representative will get back to you within due time.

Author - Isabelle Jorge

Isabelle Jorge is a freelancer, blogger academic writer, and digital marketing expert as well. Isabelle Writes on multiple topics, especially on business Travelling Packaging advertises Company Products.

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