10 Aug, 2021

How Can Our Sleeve Boxes Help Grow Your Business

As you know, packaging plays an essential role in making your product look elegant and presentable. It is also necessary to select a decent case for your item to make it marketing-oriented. Furthermore, casing keeps the product secure and prevents it from damaging.

Sleeve boxes increase the glamour of various items. The sleeve cases prepared at the manufacturing facility of TheSpeedyPack increase the versatility of your product which interests the buyers and results in high revenue. They are made to pack different-sized items.

It is a very simple casing with two different parts. 2 piece sleeve favor boxes have a bottom part to carry the item and an upper case that serves as a lid and covers the product. These can be customized with ribbons which makes the upper lid open easily. Sleeve boxes window is also best sellers with upper transparent windows make the product visible.

How Do We Manufacture Sleeve Packaging Boxes?

TheSpeedyPack has a team of skilled workers who work professionally to meet the market trends. We make the sleeve containers with cardboard material. Our designers make unique packaging boxes according to the latest market trends.

Our design department fulfills all types of demands for size and design while making no compromise on the quality. We make them with numerous features as per your demands. Sleeve packaging boxes are top sellers for us as these come in a wide variety for packing your products. If you want to sell gift products, then sleeve for cardboard boxes are unique and handy packaging.

Types of Sleeve Packaging Boxes We Have

Sleeve packaging containers can be used for different items to fit them. We make them in different sizes to work in all kinds of products. In addition, TheSpeedyPack manufactures a variety of sleeve cases that are convenient to showcase your product in the market.

Custom Made Sleeve Containers

Innovative packing appeals to the customers. Boxes and cases make a difference because they make the product appealing, thus increasing sales. Custom sleeve boxes are made in all sizes and trending designs.

Custom Die-Cut Sleeve Cases

Our design customization experts create sleeve designs for product boxes according to customers’ demands. Custom die-cut sleeve packaging enhances the value of your product. Our sleeve cases give your product a unique point of sale in the market. We make these products using cardboard material, but they can also be customized with other materials per customer demands.

Apart from these boxes, we also deal in kraft boxes with clear sleeves, kraft sleeve soap boxes, and cookie sleeve boxes. These are also our hot selling boxes among others.

Boost Your Business With Our Sleeve Boxes

Every brand has some special reasons which boost their sale. Your unique point of sale is what makes you stand in a competitive market. But if you are willing to increase your market value or recognize your product as a renowned brand, TheSpeedyPack is the right choice to give your products that sale winning look. Customers appreciate products when the package attracts them. So let's dig into the features which can boost your sale.

Printed Sleeve Packagings

The packaging of an item speaks for itself. And when it comes to custom printed sleeve boxes, it gives the customer vast clarification by reading the mentioned details on the product. It helps customers to choose the correct item for them. Customers would rather know what they are buying by reading the mentioned details over the packaging - a product that isn't self-explanatory does not gain customers' attention. 

Logo Printed Boxes

The logo makes a brand recognizable in the market. Customers rely blindly on the brand when they gain complete trust in it. A professional logo printed box is the right choice. We customize your sleeve packaging boxes with your brand logo, making the product promising and appealing to buyers.

Get Sleeve Containers in Bulk

Low packaging quality or non-attractive boxes wouldn't appeal to a customer to go for it. However, it is a trend of delightful things in the market. Sleeve cases go well for appealing marketing of your products. We provide you various types of customized sleeve containers, cookie sleeve boxes bulk, sleeve boxes 3x8x3 kraft, and many other kinds of packings in your own size, design, color, and quantity. 

We offer you a bulk quantity of sleeve cases with market-friendly prices and top-notch quality. So companies, brands, and retailers get a fair deal with us being the most pocket-friendly packaging company in the USA.

Why TheSpeedyPack?

Ordering from us gives you a chance to grab on the below-mentioned features as well.

  • Our professional designers provide you with the exact color, shapes, layouts, size, design of your choice
  • We give you the option of choosing your design that is entirely free of cost.
  • You can get your sleeve containers with extra embellishments like ribbons.
  • We will customize the boxes and provide you with printed sleeve cases as per your desire.
  • TheSpeedyPack provides the facility of printing your logo over the boxes.
  • We provide boxes for small item businesses, but we also offer special sizes if you require them. 
  • You can get a small quantity of 100 boxes, but we also manufacture bulk quantity orders of 250,000 pieces in a go.
  • We provide free delivery within the USA
  • TheSpeedyPack does not compromise the quality of our packaging. You would never get disappointed as we manufacture our boxes under strict supervision.
  • We never disappoint when it comes to tight deadlines.
  • Our after-sales services ensure customer satisfaction.

How to Book Your Order?

Ordering from us is easy. Below are the quick steps to follow:

  • Fill your particulars in the 'Custom Quote' tag.
  • We require order details which include size, dimensions, color, and your personal information. Our customer support professionals will get back for further assistance.
  • You can also send us an e-mail at Our experts will provide you with your desired order details.
  • You can also chat with our customer support team for any further ambiguities.
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