31 May, 2021

7 Different Custom Design Boxes You Can Use for Your Business

The concept of custom packaging is far more than using printed or other types of packaging boxes. It covers a wide variety of customization that one can opt for. Through it, one can get as many advantages as possible to make a connection with the users. The use of custom boxes holds a great chance to engage a big audience by educating them about your brand values and the benefits of using your products. Add spice to this connection by using a range of different design boxes. The use of different design boxes is more advantageous when you are selling various products in the market. Choose one suitable type of boxes for one product and another type of box for the second product. In short, one type of box is not always suitable for all types of products. There are a huge variety of boxes out of which seven are as follows

Plain Cardboard Boxes

The simplicity is still the choice of many customers. For which, almost every brand always utilizes this very in-demand option in their product packaging. The simple boxes may include typical brown cardboard boxes or boxes with any other color. This is a very conventional yet decent type of packaging which everyone likes. For closure, you can utilize various options; you can either use twine and thread or a tape having a print of your brand logo or the one saying 'thank you. The use of cards or tapes having 'a thank you note' on them is a good gesture as it shows affection. Besides, the logo prints on boxes are effective in raising brand awareness.

Printed Sleeve-Boxes

The sleeve boxes have become much popular due to their incredible look. These boxes consist of two parts. One is the slider tray and the other is the lid. You can also use a small ribbon on the edge of the slider to make it more convenient to be used. These boxes are a good solution for gift boxes as they are attractive. The printing details add to their presentation and can be a vital reason in building a physical connection with a brand. The prints may include the logo and name or the other colors prints based on the customers' taste. The printing can be done through various printing technologies.

Dual-Colored Flip-Top Boxes

Flip-top boxes are another popular type of box that any brand can rely on. These boxes have a foldable lid and therefore a good solution to keep the product safe. You can either use a plain flip-top box or colorfully printed boxes. Yet the one that makes these boxes more graceful is using the combination of two colors. You can either use completely different colors for inside and outside or use different shades of alike color for both presentations. Both cardboard or corrugated materials are used in making these boxes. As the cardboard boxes have a range of customization options, you can use different sizes of boxes having different shapes and colors. In this way, many brands utilize these boxes to take their brand to the next level.

Magnetic Lid Boxes

Magnetic boxes have gained much popularity due to their unique feature of magnetic closure. Many companies use these boxes to give their customers the best purchasing experience. These boxes have an iron-plated magnet in their lid for closing the box. This gives an advantage as you do not have to fold or fix the flaps of the box. Rather, you just have to connect the lid to the wall of the box. In this way, they are good at providing high-end packaging and safety to the product. There is a false conception that these boxes are expensive due to having magnets in them. But the reality is they are economical when getting in wholesales.

Black Rigid Boxes

The luxurious impression is the utmost priority for any brand, especially for the famous ones. For this purpose, many brands use black rigid boxes for their remarkable look. Rigid boxes provide efficient safety to the products. You can do branding through these boxes by embossing your brand name or logo on them. The printing can be made more effective when you use silver or golden color prints on the black rigid box. It not only makes the box luxurious but also enhances customers' experience.

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are a good packaging solution for gifts. They have separate lids and on opening gives a very gift vibe. The color gradients can be customized based on customers' choices. You can also use cushions inside these boxes to hold the product more efficiently. The brands use these boxes for their high-end products as well as for normal products. The reason lies in the fact that they give a luxurious look as they are made of rigid cardboard material. The brands mostly use their logo on the top of the lid while retaining the rest of the box simple and steady. These boxes are very popular for their magnificent look.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes have a great demand as they can be used for various types of products. These boxes have gained much popularity due to their easy handling during shipment. They can be made from corrugated or kraft material which means they can be used for both heavy and light products. These boxes may also have window patches to meet the needs of showcasing the products. As brands always prefer variety due to which they use boxes that have different styles and layouts. For example, they can add novelty by using different window patches in the boxes i.e. they can be of any shape such as square, round, or heart shape.


It is not necessary that custom design boxes must be of one type for different products. Rather, it can create problems if the appropriate type is not chosen. To avoid any tragedy, you must choose a suitable type of box for your products. This is not a difficult task as there is a range of designs available in the marketplaces. You just have to have a sincere builder for your custom packaging

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