10 May, 2022

5 Trending Cosmetic Packaging Ideas

Be it the newly launched beauty and cosmetic products or the digital era gaining control over customization and personalization; it’s needless to say that the cosmetic market has upgraded and is constantly leveraging innovation for capturing more customers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the cosmetic world is constantly in search of innovative products, and it’s actually a worldwide innovation. 
So, if you want some cosmetic packaging ideas that align with the recent trends, we are sharing some of the best ones to create a competitive edge for your business!

Fostering A Combination Of Function & Form 

For the longest time, design has always been linked with the form and look, but now, it’s connected to the function as well – it is essential for adding value to the products. The design revolves around product performance and convenience, which is actually integral for cosmetic products. The brands need to understand that some systems are more than mere packaging as they have the capacity to change the formulation.

For instance, foam or spray can be used for modifying the cosmetic product. With the help of a spray, the primary idea is to distribute the droplets for scattering patterns. On the other hand, the foam is basically for creating the small gas bubble, which forms fizz. It’s high time we understand that aerosol is not only related to packaging because it’s a combination of materials that protect and delivers cosmetic products and modify the texture. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s meant to manipulate sensations for increasing the chances of audible and visual interactions. With the help of aerosol packaging, the liquid substance makes it suitable for creams and gel products. 

Leverage Advanced Materials 

With the evolution in makeup brush designs, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is an evident tool partnership. Some of these makeup tools are also meant for sculpting and contouring the face – the brands are constantly working on creating makeup brushes that cater to the functionality aspect of the makeup and are flexible. In simpler words, the makeup tools are designed as a combination of design and ergonomic, with which the rotating brushes have hit the market. 
On top of everything, there are sponges which make create an airbrushed makeup foundation (it surely promises convenient application of makeup).

However, the brands aren’t focusing on the packaging materials or packaging at all. For this reason, it’s high time that special boxes are designed for cosmetic tools. To add an edge, the sponge can be designed with a holder, while the makeup brushes can be packed in a sheer bag for soft protection. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

It’s needless to say that cosmetic packaging has to be attractive, and it must stand out in the crowd, but it should do it all while protecting the cosmetic products. This is because if the package arrives in broken or damaged form, it won’t be good for the brand image, which is why it’s essential to determine how you would like to present the product boxes rather than being stuck with mailer boxes. 

While you have some amazing designs at your disposal, it’s imperative to create eco-friendly packaging because it won’t cause any harm to the environment. In fact, the majority of eco-friendly materials are reusable. Some of these materials include cork and jute, which aren’t only unique and eco-friendly but also boost the brand image and reputation. 

Personalized Designs

When cosmetic brands are trying to show off their products to the customers, nothing works better than being personal with the packaging. For instance, you could start adding personalized and handwritten notes to show your gratitude for choosing your products. Keep in mind that creating such personalized designs will increase the chances of them sharing about your brand with their products – do you see how it can increase your sales for you?

Minimal Aesthetics 

Long gone are the times when cosmetic products would have sharp and bold packaging aesthetics, but it’s time to bring a change because the entire world is moving towards bringing a minimalistic approach. For this reason, it is important to create packaging with clean lines and pastel colors to enhance the attractiveness and appeal of the products. 

On the other hand, even if you are selling a cosmetic product with vibrant color, you can choose the packaging’s color as the main shade’s lighter tones. To illustrate, if the lipstick is fuchsia-colored, you can opt for powder pink packaging with the light spray of fuchsia pink color – it will look minimal but will get the message across. 

The Bottom Line 

The cosmetic world is a work of innovation and creativity, TheSpeedyPack is always in search of bringing pleasure to the consumers. However, the brands need to ensure that efficiency is the top priority while ensuring seamless representation of cosmetic products. 

Author - Isabelle Jorge

Isabelle Jorge is a freelancer, blogger academic writer, and digital marketing expert as well. Isabelle Writes on multiple topics, especially on business Travelling Packaging advertises Company Products.

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